iOS10 Update Database Failed and Caller Identification Failure FAQs

This instruction is focused on the problem of caller identification (including application unable to work, caller identification failed and update failed). We summed up the following reasons, hoping they would give you some useful information. If you have any questions, queries, problems or issues with Whoscall, please elaborate more details to ( ) on the issue you have met to help us further check it for you. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Whoscall iOS 更新資料庫失敗與來電辨識失效問題

針對大家遇到來電辨識上的問題(包含無法啟用,來電辨識無法運作與更新失敗等狀況),我們整理出以下解決方法,希望大家都能順利的使用 Whoscall iOS 版本。若以下問題嘗試處理後,依然無法解決,請來信客服(並詳細描述你的狀況。



Whoscall iOS 新版本三種封鎖方法一次學會

老是因為被一些討厭的電話騷擾而頭疼嗎?為了解決大家的煩惱, Whoscall iOS 新版本提供 iOS 用戶 3 種封鎖號碼的方法,直接把不想接到的電話號碼通通加入封鎖清單裡頭,就不會再接到這個號碼的來電囉,馬上來看看有哪三種方法吧!