OPPO ColorOS 3.1 & 3.2 手機 Whoscall 設定 (適用於R11, R11s, A75, A75s, A73)

由於各廠牌使用的不同 [客製效能優化] 或 [省電] 軟體,可能因此會導致 Whoscall 無法正常運作,小編接下來會陸續分享如何設定不同廠牌手機,大家只要按照教學逐步設定就可以順暢使用 Whoscall 囉。今天和大家分享如何設定 OPPO 手機,請使用 OPPO R11、A73、A75系列手機的 Whoscall 用戶嘗試以下步驟設定,現在就跟著一起操作看看吧!



Whoscall setting on OPPO ColorOS 3.1 and 3.2 (R11, R11s, A75, A75s, A73)

Due to the varying optimization software used by different brands, Whoscall may not work normally on some devices. We will later get into the customization needed for each individual brand in order to fully utilize Whoscall. Today, we will focus on OPPO ColorOS 3.1. Please take note of the following instructions and set your device accordingly.