Whoscall setting on Xiaomi Redmi 2

Due to the varying optimization software used by different brands, Whoscall may not work normally on all devices. We will later get into the customization needed for each individual brand in order to fully utilize Whoscall. Today, we will focus on Xiaomi Redmi 2. Please take note of the following instructions and set your device accordingly.

Reminder: This set of instructions is suitable for Xiaomi Redmi 2 only. If you are using another Xiaomi device, please find the corresponding settings in the other instructions below.

Step 1 : Tap [ Security ] in Home screen → Tap [ Permissions ] icon → Tap [ Autostart ] → Open [ Whoscall ]

Step 2 : Back to [ Permissions ]  → Tap [ Permissions ] → Find [ Whoscall ] and setting like below

Step 3 :Tap [ Settings ] in Home screen → Tap [ Notifications & status bar ] → Open [Show notification icons ]


Step 4 :Tap [App Notifications] → Tap [Whoscall] → Find [ Whoscall ] and setting like below


If you have any questions, queries, problems or issues with Whoscall, leave them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Hope you’re having a good day !




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